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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Learning how to bring a sense of balance and calm into your home can have so many emotional and mental benefits to our bodies: feelings of peace, more focus, energy, and positive regard for your home,  your home should be a  place that can recharge you and bring out the best in you!

Creating a sacred space comes down to ⁠creating areas of your home that bring a sense of calm, reflect your personality, and aid in creating a balanced vibe.⁠ This can look totally different for each person, but it comes down to personalizing your space and noticing how you want to FEEL in a space. 

Here are some of our favourite tips in helping you create a sacred space. ⁠It can be easy to let everything go and not care about our surroundings, BUT we find that so much peace can be achieved when we do little things each day to turn our homes into our own personal sanctuaries! Here are some of our fave tips:⁠


  • TUNE IN – Cleaning, organizing and going through your belongings is a great first place to start because it helps you see what items you are emotionally connected to, what makes you feel good and what “sparks joy” . Keep those items and try to let the others go.

  • WORK SPACE – Try to keep a dedicated space for working so that when you are done for the day you can close up, and move on to relaxing in other areas of your home.⁠ Make sure your work space is a place that makes you happy too!

  • GET FRESH – Give that old chair a fresh coat of paint, buy yourself a new plant or bouquet of flowers, or open some windows to let in fresh air and natural light. ⁠

  • ⁠CANDLES⁠ – At night try setting the mood with a clean burning candle or incense! They can have aromatic and calming benefits, try to turn off those harsh lights and use a candle instead!⁠

  • MEDITATION SPACE⁠ – Find a little corner in your home and turn it into a meditation corner! Grab a cozy blanket/pillow, and bring a journal/favourite book. Or maybe set up your yoga mat here. Having a space where you can truly unwind can help turn your home into a mini sanctuary.⁠

  • DON’T WORK IN BED⁠ – Try to keep work out of the bedroom, this should be a place for you to sleep, chill out, relax etc. Have a dedicated space for work and sleep if you can, this helps in creating a calming space!⁠

  • PLANTS⁠ – Plant babies can help refresh your home. They can clean the air and bring all the forest vibes. Snake plants, and ZZ plants are really easy to keep alive if you are a newbie!⁠

  • ⁠TIDY UP – Set aside 5 min each morning and evening to reset your space and do a little tidy, it can really help make a clean slate feeling, and honour the space you are in. ⁠

Remember to do what works for YOU and what makes YOU feel calm and relaxed, creating a sacred space is a mindset ritual that takes practice!⁠ What are YOUR favourite ways to make your home into a sanctuary during this time? Let us know!

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