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Clinic Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 9pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Sunday: 9am to 1pm (yoga & shopping)

We wanted to cultivate a space that was welcoming, warm, peaceful, relaxing, and felt like a home away from home.


When you arrive you'll be greeted with sounds of nature. Our waiting area is full of good vibes, plants, and serenity. Our treatment rooms feature hydraulic tables making it easy to get on or off the table, low lighting to provide a warm and relaxing environment, and a table warmer to keep you cozy. Our yoga studio is cozy and relaxing, helping you get in the right mindset for practice and optimal healing.


We encourage you to arrive early or stay late and enjoy a snack or beverage on us. This is your place to heal. 

rent our space

Our space was created for our community, and we would love to share it with you. You can rent our space when we're not using it for private events. Please contact us for more information about booking!

our boutique shop

We proudly champion small and local businesses because we understand that they're the lifeblood of the community. In collaboration with other Kitchener-Waterloo small businesses, we've been able to create custom wellness products for Knots. The products we carry here are sustainable, eco-friendly, clean, safe, and created by professionals.


Check out our products when you're in next or email us to put a product aside for you for shopping!



Knots Relax Candle - $16.99 - An all natural soy based candle that’s infused with relaxing notes of lavender and invigorating eucalyptus.  ​ Knots Restore Candle - $16.99 - An all natural soy based candle with bright pops of lemon grass and refreshing bergamot


dried eucalyptus & lavender bundles

Eucalyptus and Lavender shower bundles last two to six months and can be dried & used as decor after they've enhanced your shower!



Knots Headache Roller - $39.50 - A roll on stick filled with coconut oil that’s been infused with peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender to help relax the mind and senses. Knots Aches & Pains Roller - $44 - Coconut oil infused with peppermint, clove, lavender, and lemongrass all bundled into a small roll on stick to help ease your pain away. Knots Wellness Roller - $39.50 - Designed for everyday use, this roll on is filled with aromas of rosemary, lemon and cinnamon, a nice way to keep some pep in your step.


body butters & scrubs

Knots Dead-Sea Salt & Coconut Body Scrub - $37.50 - Made with salt cultivated from the dead sea this scrub will scrub away any and all dead skin while the coconut oil hydrates revitalizes. Knots Himalayan Salt & Lavender Body Scrub - $37.50 - A body scrub made with Himalayan salt and relaxing lavender, this scrub lightly exfoliates the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. Knots Lavender & Vanilla Body Butter - $40 - Made with Shea butter and coconut oil, this body butter will leave your skin lavishly soft and radiant and smelling of vanilla and lavender Knots Lavender & Peppermint Body Butter - $40 - Made with Shea butter and coconut oil, this body butter will leave your skin lavishly soft and radiant and smelling of peppermint and lavender Knots Tangerine & Bergamot Body Butter - $40 - Made with Shea butter and coconut oil, this body butter will leave your skin lavishly soft and radiant and smelling of tangerine and bergamot


sprays & mists

Knots Yoga Mat Spray - $33.99 - All natural spray with a light lemon scent to clean up your yoga mat and have it ready for the next class! Knots Room & Linen Spray (Citrus & Eucalyptus) - $37.50 - All natural spray with a clean lemon fresh scent and light notes of eucalyptus to brighten up any space Knots Room & Linen Spray (Lavender, Lemon, Pine) - $37.30 - All natural spray with relaxing lavender notes and bold pine. A nice scent to freshen up the home. Knots Sleep Easy Pillow Mist - $32.77 - Our easy pillow mist is made with lavender, eucalyptus and cedar wood with orange essential oil to help promote relaxation and calm.


massage bars

Knots Achy Muscle Massage Bar - $28.25 - Our massage bars are made with cocoa butter, shea butter and jojoba oil to hydrate the skin and adzuki beans to lightly massage the body.


lip & hair

Knots Mermaid Hair Oil - $45.99 - Made with 100% Argan oil, this oil will help hydrate the scalp and leave your hair smooth and soft. Knots Lip Balms - $7.50 - A hydrating lip balm that leaves your lips soft and supple. Comes in a variety of scents (Unscented, Vanilla-Mint, Peppermint, Bergamot & Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Patchouli & Orange and Spiced Chai)


5-885 Glasgow St.
Kitchener, ON

N2M 2B7

(519) 500-5668

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