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Clinical Procedure & Policies


In order for us to work with you effectively and to ensure success upon arrival it is mandatory that you have completed  our Intake forms prior to your treatment.


If this is not complete we cannot treat you. If this is not completed prior to your appointment the time it takes to fill out all intake forms will cut into your treatment time




We understand that life happens and sometimes you're unable to make your appointment. We believe in being fair in charging our cancellation policy. We request 24 hours notice upon cancelling. Not showing up for your appointment or leaving cancelling to the last minute leaves a space in a therapists day that could be filled. Our cancellation policy requires us to charge your credit card on file for 100%of your appointment fee. You will be issued a receipt for the no show/same day cancellation.


If you are looking to book an appointment for someone other than yourself you must create an online profile for the individual. It is mandatory that all clients entering and receiving treatment have their own individual health history and intake forms available.


As of 2024, Knots RMT & Wellness now has two locations: one in Kitchener, and one in Owen Sound. When booking your appointment with Knots, please understand which location you're booking for so that you can receive the treatment you're looking for in the location you prefer. Please note, not all services are offered at both locations.  If you're unsure of where you've booked, please contact us well in advance.


Knots is a safe space for our staff and clients. We have zero tolerance for any kind of harrassment in the workplace. Any type of harassment will require us to discharge you as a client.

Thank you,


Knots Family

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