COVID-19 Procedure

The CMTO recommends all clients wear a mask while in the clinic & are encouraged to wear one during their treatment. A disposable or reusable mask is acceptable. If you do not have one, we will provide you one upon arrival. Please arrive at your appointment time. You MUST have all of your Intake forms completed prior to your treatment or we CANNOT treat you until this is completed. If this is not completed prior to your appointment you may be turned away OR this will cut into your treatment time. Our doors are locked & you must wait to gain access from your therapist. Our waiting room is CLOSED.

- Show up at your appointment time & please wait in your vehicle
-Call us once you've arrived
-Your therapist will call you back for a COVID-19 Screening procedure. If you answer NO to all of the questions, your therapist will invite you to come inside & give you access

-Mask must be worn throughout your entire visit
-You must use our hand sanitizer & sanitize your hands, forearms & elbows (this is protocol from the CMTO & MOH)
-Your therapist will take you directly to your treatment room

-Discuss treatment goals & plan
-You MUST place your clothes in the sanitized bin & securely close the bin using the lid provided
-Relax & enjoy your appointment, the hardest part is over

-Remove clothing from the bin & re-dress
-Put mask back on if it was taken off in treatment
-Open your treatment room door to allow your therapist access to the treatment room
-Therapist will provide any home care that was spoken about in the treatment
-Payment will be made electronically using tap or e-transfer

We understand that the process requires many steps to be followed & we ask you for your understanding & patience during this unprecedented time. It is our duty as Health Care Practitioner's to keep our work environment safe, clean & healthy for you to relax in

Thank you,


Knots Family

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