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registered massage therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is beneficial for so many reasons, allowing you to experience relief from muscular tension and pain, reduced mental and physical stress levels, increased circulation, increased range of motion, a better quality of sleep, and increased lymphatic flow. These are just a few examples of what Registered Massage Therapy can do for you.


Each person is different, and each individual area of your body has been through different kinds of wear, tear, and stress. This is why we believe that you will achieve the best results by booking for a specific duration as opposed to a specific type of massage. We want to treat your body in a personalized way.


Swedish massage and relaxation massage are included in your treatment duration. We believe this is the ultimate way to help you unwind and heal.


To help you book the perfect amount of time, we recommend:

  • 30 minutes for the individual with a specific issue (one or two areas of the body)

  • 45 minutes for the individual looking for a few areas to be worked on (two to three areas of the body)

  • 60+ minutes for the individual looking for a full body treatment or more time on each area of the body

book an initial appointment

75 minute - $130

We want to educate you as best we can with regards to your body before you get a massage. Our initial appointment includes a 15 minute assessment performed by your RMT followed with a 60 minute massage. You’ll receive a postural assessment and any orthopaedic or range of motion tests that your therapist deems necessary for treatment.


Although you don’t have to book this appointment, we highly encourage everyone that is a first time visitor to utilize this service in order to achieve the best results.

We do this in order to create a stable foundation and point of reference in order to achieve the best results for your current and future treatments.

Please note, massage appointments with our owner Taylor are priced $5 higher. 

book registered massage therapy

30 minute - $90


45 minute - $110


60 minute - $130


75 minute - $160


90 minute - $190

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