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Important Steps - Before your Appointment

You've decided that today is the day you're going to be proactive and take charge of your physical health! This is a huge step for most people and we want to applaud you on embarking on your healing journey with us. There are a few important things we want you to know prior to your first appointment so we can ensure that you're prepared. We want your first experience to be as smooth and as relaxing as possible.


We understand that filling out intake forms can feel tedious and mundane, however, they are one of the most important articles we can attain during your visit. Our intake forms contain a consent, health history, and now a COVID-19 waiver. These forms are mandatory for any new or returning client. 


Filling out your Intake Forms prior to your treatment allows your therapist to view your overall health and to create a blueprint for your treatment that will be discussed prior to your treatment. Your therapist can only be as effective in your treatment as you've been in your intake form submission. The more you can communicate with your intake form the higher the chances of receiving effective treatment. We cannot treat you without this intake form being filled out. If this is not complete prior to your arrival you will need to fill it out once you've arrived. This will unfortunately cut into your valued treatment time and you will be charged for the regular duration.

We highly encourage all clients to fill out their intake forms once they've completed the booking process instead of entering it last minute. This will increase your sense of security, and set you up to ensure your appointment is relaxing and enjoyable. This also allows your therapist to be prepared upon your arrival.

Separate Online Booking Accounts

It's crucial that each individual we see has their OWN online booking account. It's mandatory that each client have their own profile/file, just like you would at a doctor's office. 


We're regulated health care professionals and are obligated to have separate files for all clients to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your health records. If you book an appointment for two different people using only your information, the system will promptly send you intake forms for yourself and not the other person which will cause confusion for yourself and for your therapist.

When booking for yourself and someone else always enters the correct information for both people so that you each are able to fill out your Intake Forms.

So now you know!

Author - Taylor Dirstein, CEO, RMT, CMMT & Intuitive Coach

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