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In the last 5 years, Knots has become one of the leading RMT clinics in KW. We couldn't have done it without creating our vision, values & mission. Here at Knots, we believe things should be similar to a healthy home environment, full of trust, communication, personalization & energy. We want everyone who walks through the doors to have a positive & personal experience. Our hope is that you leave feeling uplifted, refreshed & revitalized just like you would feel after leaving a great hangout with a friend. It's our dedicated mission to help educate the public on the importance of health & wellness.

We strongly adhere to our Core Values because we believe that without trust, you can't create a safe space and without communication, you can't develop that trust or safe space. When we put trust & communication together we can create a treatment & experience that is personalized to your needs. When we add all three of these together we create uplifting vibrational energy that helps you heal, bringing all 4 of our values into one!

You're probably asking yourself why we've rebranded. As life itself is constantly changing, so are we! We are dedicated to growth & development in a way that can continue to serve our community. With growth comes change & we feel that it was time to show our new self to the community! We are excited, proud & optimistic in this new look we've created & can't wait to share it with you! The future is bright & we are slowly & excitedly planning to open a location in Kitchener to provide our light into a different neighborhood.

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