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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We know you LOVE your massages & want to get as much out of it as you can. Here are some ways to increase your relaxation prior, during & after your massage in order to have the best experience possible!

Prior to your appointment

Plan - ensure you have nothing stressful or intensely planned post-massage 

Know the intention of your treatment - what are you hoping to get out of this?

Bathe - a clean body is a clean slate for energy to flow

Trust your therapist - this will allow for you to be at ease

No technology - Be present

During your appointment

Deep Breathing - this will help increase your relaxation and ease your tension to allow for more oxygen to your body & increase your blood flow. This will also allow your therapist's techniques to be more effective

Communication - let your therapist know if it's too hot, too cold, too much or not enough pressure

Focus on silence - we encourage you not to chat during your treatment unless it's specifically about your treatment. It's harder for your body to relax when you're talking about the stressors in your life

Mindfulness - listen to the sounds going on around you

No technology - Be present


Increase water intake - this helps flush out anything the body has been holding on to and will decrease your chances of delay onset of muscle soreness

Nutritious meals - your body just had therapy and needs to nourish itself to heal

Home-care - do the exercises or stretches provided from your RMT. They are given to you in order to make a change in your body. Doing what is recommended will help increase the effectiveness of your next massage.

Relax - try not to do anything strenuous or stressful. Be aware of how good your body feels. this is a great way to reset your mind & body connection to be aware of then things start to become a problem again. The longer you can stay relaxed, the longer the benefits will last.

No technology - Be present

Use this layout and have the best massage experience ever!

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