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online booking available.

Our cancellation policy has changed. We still require 24 hours notice upon cancelling and will now be charging 100% of the service fee as our industry standard has changed.

We offer direct billing for physiotherapy

our home. your home.

Curated with a bohemian flare &  zen focused space, our home is filled with uplifting energy the moment you walk through the door; you’ll be greeted with relaxation music, a familiar comfort &  peaceful serenity.


Our home is filled with laugher, warmth and welcome. Our rooms are a comfortable size, lowly lit and provide a warm salt lamp glow. We also include our luxury heated table top to ensure you stay nice and cozy.


our values & our mission

Our values are built on trust, communication and energy as we believe these create a long lasting relationship with our clients. 

Our mission is to provide clients with a positive and personal experience whether it's your first time or if you're a returning client.

our vision.

To change the way Registered Massage Therapy & Wellness is perceived to the public while providing education so that you can achieving & maintaining optimal wellness. 

your words.

CEO & Founder Taylor

First-time visit and was impressed with how professional, clean, and efficient the treatment was in these COVID times. Taylor went above and beyond in communicating what was expected from me and what to expect once I was in the studio, from start to finish. She also followed up with a personalized plan for stretching, additional recommended treatments, etc. Have already booked my next sessions. Very highly recommended!

RMT Eric

Very thorough massage by Eric and he was able to provide me with some alternatives to Massage Therapy for a few other issues that I was having. I appreciate the honesty to refer me to a chiropractor instead of trying to grab more money and that alone to me shows they care about me and not just themselves. I had a deep tissue massage and it was very intense but definitely needed and I was able to say less or more at any time as well so it wasn't too much. I will be going back again in the near future.


Amy is absolutely amazing! Customer service goes way above and beyond. Amy knew that I was worried about an event last week and emailed me wishing me good luck on the day! How thoughtful and have never experienced that with any other massage therapist. The fact that she also customized her work schedule so that she can fit me in on the weekend is amazing and so appreciative. THANK YOU AMY! YOU ROCK! :) Maybe one day my knot in my shoulder will come out!

RMT Carol

Had a massage with Carol and she applies a lot more pressure than most massage therapists I've met and I actually prefer the deep and high pressure on my knots. I have been having a hard time lifting my head up and down. And I thought this is how it is for the rest of my life. Her work has surprisingly released the knot that I felt so relieved and am able to perform motion comfortably for at least 5 weeks before I feel the tension picking up again. I've never felt like this before. She is the best massage therapist I've ever met. And I'm definitely swinging by Knots for more visits!

RMT Michelle

Only been twice but absolutely love this place. Not only Michelle provides great massage but also she helped me with different aspects in order for me to achieve a better lifestyle. Thank you!!

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