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Initial Appointment

We want to educate you as best we can with regards to your body before you get a massage. Our initial appointment includes a 15 minute assessment performed by your RMT followed with a 60 minute massage. You’ll receive a postural assessment and any orthopedic or range of motion tests that your therapist deems necessary for treatment. Although you don’t have to book this appointment, we highly encourage everyone that is a first time visitor to utilize this service in order to achieve the best results

We do this in order to create a stable foundation and point of reference in order to achieve the best results for your current and future treatments. 

  • $100

    75 Minute Initial Appointment


We believe that you will achieve the best results by booking in for a duration other than a specific type of massage. This is because everyone is different and each individual area of your body has been through different kind of wear, tear and stress. We want to treat your body to a duration while allowing you to personalize your treatment. 

Swedish massage and relaxation massage are included in your treatment duration. We believe this is the ultimate way to help you unwind and heal.

  • $60

    30 Minutes

  • $80

    45 Minutes

  • $95

    60 Minutes

  • $125

    75 Minutes

  • $145

    90 Minutes

Indie Head Massage

An Indie Head Massage is rooted in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. The massage focuses on the scalp and face, bringing increased blood flow to those areas and increasing lymphatic drainage. This leads to an invigoration of the scalp, reduction of nervous stress, and extreme relaxation.

A head massage is beneficial in treating migraines, sinus headaches, tension headaches, facial pain. It promotes a healthy skin and scalp, and has also been shown to help treat conditions such as psoriasis of the scalp or Bell’s palsy.

  • $80

    45 Minutes

Myofascial Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which your RMT will put special cups on your body for 20-25 minutes to create suction. You can benefit from cupping by it’s ability to help with fascial restrictions, muscle pain, range of motion restrictions, detoxification, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

  • $60

    30 minutes

Other Techniques

Your massage therapist will work with you to help determine the best type of techniques to reach your treatment goals.

Other technique’s we offer include: Trigger point techniques, Sports Massage techniques, Hydrotherapy, Exercises, Stretching and Self Care recommendations.

Massage Services can Help You 

Massage Therapy can help with a range of ailments, including:

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain 0
Muscle strain/sprain and spasm 0
Chronic Pain 0
Tendonitis 0
Frozen shoulder 0
Plantar fasciitis 0
Stress 0
Pregnancy 0
Carpal tunnel syndrome 0
Headaches & Migraines 0
Decreased Mobility 0
Arthiritis 0
Bursitis 0
Piriformis syndrome 0
Sciatica 0
Post surgery rehabilitation 0
Sports injury 0
Scoliosis 0

How We Work

We're happy that you've taken the first step in your healing process. Here is the step by step analysis we take to make your experience at Knots the best for your unique needs.

Health History

We examine your entire health history to make sure we get the complete picture of your health.

Goal Setting

We set goals to accomplish towards the end of each treatment and create a treatment plan specifically for you.


We want to answer any questions you have before, during and after your treatment. Communication is extremely important when providing you with your ideal treatment.


We track your progress and adapt to our treatment methods as needed.

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