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NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®

What is NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®?


NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a sophisticated Brain Training tool designed to help optimize your life that was developed by Clinical Psychologists, Dr.’s Valdeane & Susan Brown. It has evolved over the last 30 years from two individuals offering Training Sessions in their private office to literally 4+ million sessions logged and thousands of people using it on a regular basis. The NeurOptimal® system measures the differences in the electrical signal emitted from the scalp. This electrical signal is mathematically measured 256 times per second, by voltage changes and is read through the NeurOptimal® software program which initiates an interruption in the audio/video stream as it detects when a change is about to happen. This small minute interruption is enough to warrant the individual to notice. Combining the exclusive Dynamical Neurofeedback® brain electrical signal measuring with captivating audiovisuals, Training with NeurOptimal® allows an individual to observe their brain activity and optimize their mindset. It is a unique tool for catalyzing personal transformation.


What are the benefits of NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® is not a system of diagnosis nor a medical treatment. It is a training that allows the brain to optimize itself. Every single person, no matter how challenged, benefits when their brain operates more effectively. Athletes, business professionals, students and musicians have also experienced enhanced performance.

How do NeurOptimal® Sessions Work?

NeurOptimal® is effortless Brain Training. After applying 3 clips and 2 small sensors, you simply relax in a recliner, watch the custom visualizer and listen to captivating music. NeurOptimal® does the rest. NeurOptimal®’s Dynamical Neurofeedback® technology measures brain behavior from .01 hertz to 64 hertz, collecting and analyzing data 256X per second or, 500,000+ times in a single Session. This sophisticated process is exclusive to NeurOptimal®, Dynamical Neurofeedback®. With NeurOptimal®’s revolutionary AutoNAV feature, world-class Neurofeedback Training is accessible.

How Do I Know it Really Works?

In well over 3 million hours of training since 1999, trainers around the world have shown NeurOptimal® to be safe and demonstrating extraordinary efficacy levels across a broad range of people with a broad range of goals.
It is offered in 76 countries worldwide servicing approximately 71 000 sessions per month = 2300 sessions per day.

book NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®

30 minute trial/short session - $45


60 minute initial session - $85


50 minute subsequent

 session - $85


Here is our practitioner offering NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®:


Carrie Weber

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