We’ve got your best interest at our fingertips. At Knots, we strongly believe that your treatment should be personalized to your specific needs. We provide a thorough assessment before your first treatment to tailor your treatment specifically for you. This allows us to start building a foundation towards better health. Each individual is unique and we believe that customizing your treatment is ideal. Your experience is important to us and because of this our treatments are catered towards duration and not specific treatments. Our therapists and practitioners use a combination of relaxation, Swedish and deep tissue techniques to meet your treatment goals. Since we are extremely client focused, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have strong communication between ourselves and our clients. We will check in periodically with you to ask how you are feeling during your treatment and believe that this communication is crucial in order to give you the best experience possible. We always want to know if you’re too cold or too hot; if pressure is too much or not enough; etc.. Whatever it is that you need to enjoy your experience, we want to know.

We believe that for whatever reason you’re visiting Knots, you should always have a welcoming and relaxing environment to enjoy. That’s why our waiting area is bright, calm, relaxing and full of good vibes. Our space is said to make you feel at home. We encourage all of our clients to arrive early or stay after their appointment to take advantage of the environment, complimentary water and tea while you bring your head space into a place of mindfulness and peace.

Why KNOT come see us?


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